APComm partnership with PRCA

PRCAThe Association of Police Communicators (APComm) has partnered with the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) to offer in-house membership for APComm members, with the added bonus of access to unlimited online training (webinars).

The PRCA have agreed membership fees based on the APComm membership rates which means there are three options of fees depending on the size of the force.

The PRCA provides a range of training including the webinars which will be free of charge for the duration of the PRCA membership. Members are also encouraged to get involved in regional, national and sectoral groups. There are also a range of other membership benefits. Find out about the training courses here: http://www.prca.org.uk/category.asp?cid=2&keyword=&sort=&level=&sellocation=Online

For further information on how to join, and to find out what tier your force would join at, contact Steve Miller, PRCA Membership Manager – steve.miller@prca.org.uk