APComm Delivery Plan 2015

The APComm Delivery Plan for 2015 has been finalised.



  • Develop a training plan that will maximise the information that is currently available to support the courses. To include consideration of new digital opportunities such as webinars and Google Hangouts. APComm lead Nick Cloke and Tony Diggins


  • Developing training, support and mentoring for senior comms staff/heads of comms. APComm lead Nick Cloke and Tony Diggins. And develop mentoring opportunities for senior managers. APComm lead Nick Cloke, Tony Diggins, Rosie Gooch


  • Review the structure of police communication departments and gather information to assist reviews taking place. APComm lead Nick Cloke


  • Continue the promotion of APComm to new and existing members. Improve information sharing with PCC communicators. APComm lead Amanda Coleman and Rosie Gooch


  • Identify and ensure good practice and information sharing between forces. APComm lead Ruth Shulver


  • Hold a national conference based on learning requirements of members. APComm lead Ed Stearns, Tony Diggins, Amanda Coleman