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APComm Chair

All you need to know about the forthcoming election process

Nominations for the role of APComm Chair closed on 7 December 2023.

Thank you to those who have submitted nominations. You can read their submissions below.

More information will be communicated in the December bulletin which is due out w/c 18 December.

Kate Quilley, Head of Corporate Communications, Warwickshire Police

Having worked in police communications for nearly 18 years I recognise the huge value a network like APComm provides to professionals new and experienced alike.

I have had the privilege of being APComm Co-Chair for the last five years and been extremely proud to lead and deliver on our successful annual business and training plans. Outcomes from these have resulted in improved connectivity of members, increased and diversified training and networking opportunities, improved professional communications training delivered nationally and an enhanced focus on well-being and support within our challenging profession, including providing opportunities for greater recognition for our members.

I know I have much more to give to our network and have many ideas for how I'd like to continue to grow and add value to APComm.

Having spoken with members across the network, I know that you would value:

  • Greater workshop sessions and informal opportunities to share learning.
  • Exploration of additional financial support for forces unable to fund attendance at Academy and other learning events.
  • Continued growth of our successful mentoring scheme.
  • Wider opportunities for inter-force support.
  • Growth of events for specialisms and specific roles, such as the recent successful Deputy Heads of Communications event.
  • Seeking out new ways to support individuals and teams during times of challenge and pressure.

I'm fully supportive of these great ideas and will be committed to achieving these if I am re-elected as APComm Co-Chair. 

I have learnt so much during the last five years from engaging with our wider membership but also from working closely with my previous Co-Chair Ruth Shulver.  I love my job and I’m passionate about effective communications and engagement that problem solves and is outcome focused.  With this in mind, I’m always keen to increase the knowledge and awareness of others as to the true value our work adds to policing. 

I am an active listener but also a decisive leader who will engage with you and deliver on your needs. What makes me most proud is when I see others grow and thrive and this is where I feel a real affiliation to APComm, where both my own personal and our network’s greatest strengths lie.

I have personally mentored several colleagues through the APComm mentoring scheme and see the value this has brought to members.  I know I have learnt and benefited from these professional relationships too.

I’m extremely proud of what police communicators do each and every day and I have worked tirelessly to ensure APComm has grown in strength to support member’s needs.  I have worked collaboratively with our Executive Team and wider membership to play a pivotal role in achieving this and I would be honoured to have the opportunity to continue to drive this activity forwards from 2024 onwards.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Clare Mills, Head of Communications and Engagement, Wiltshire Police

I am proud to have 23 years’ experience of working in policing (and even prouder to have received a lifetime achievement award at the APComm Recognition Awards recently for which I was truly honoured!). So I think its safe to say I love policing. And I love working in policing communications.

People have often said to me ‘why don’t you try a different job elsewhere?’ but the answer is always pretty clear to me. I don’t think there is, or could be, any job like it. Every day is different and – as communicators working within policing – we get to be involved in some really incredible, fulfilling, unprecedented, and humbling experiences.

So in my view, we have a role like no other. The public service, the variety, the challenges, are what I suspect drives us all.

APComm presents the chance to share learning, learn new skills, understand best practice and to provide, to each other, an incredible network which offers camaraderie, support and guidance across an amazingly talented, committed and professional pool of professional communicators.

I have been a Vice Chair for APComm since 2018, an ancillary responsibility I take very seriously and am incredibly dedicated to. Since then, I have owned and delivered against numerous activities within our business plans, such as wellbeing initiatives, played a key role in the organisation of both the virtual and face to face Academies every year, delivered networking events, improved our approach to recognition, provided a new website for APComm, to name a few.

APComm is such an important network for those working in policing communications. If elected to Co-Chair I will be dedicated to, working alongside the executive committee, really listening and understanding what more we can do for you all, where you would like more support, opportunities and training and other areas where we can add real value to our members.

With the passion for policing communications that I have, I will always work hard to push for communications to be at the top of the agenda for conversation at national policing level (not at the bottom of the agenda like I know we experience at many of the meetings we attend in our own forces!!).

I believe there is also much more we can do to build on our links with the NPCC, APCC, the College and the Home Office, to ensure we really are talking with a collaborative and collective voice to harness the strength of policing communications and really make a difference.

At the Academy last month, what struck me was the incredible sense of unity, support, respect and friendship we offer each other nationally – it was truly overwhelming. I want to ensure this is something that continues and grows to be even stronger.

I feel I have so much more to offer APComm. I am hardworking, committed, collaborative and inclusive and, if you elect me to the role of Co-Chair, I can guarantee I will work really hard to deliver for you.

Thanks for reading,

Kind regards