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APComm Executive - Do you have what it takes?

The APComm executive are elected to post every two years by members and this year there is the opportunity for members to stand for the post of APComm Co-Chair.

We have taken the decision to retain two Co-Chair roles, rather than one Chair, in view of the breadth of the work being delivered by APComm at present, and for resilience. Both roles are open for nominations.

You do not need to be a Head of Communications to stand for any APComm role – you just need to bring commitment, and your vision for supporting colleagues delivering police communications.

Elections take place around the business of the APComm Academy (being held in November 2021), providing the opportunity for those standing for post to chat with members about their vision and what they will bring to the role.

If you wish to stand for the post of Co-Chair, you will be asked to provide a head and shoulders picture, a summary (no more than 400 words) on what you will bring to the role, and a short vlog (no more than one minute) to support your vision statement. These will be posted on the APComm website to inform members’ decision-making.

Members vote by organisation, with each member team having the opportunity to state their first and second preference of candidates standing for the role.

We will be sharing the template outlining what is required and what to do for those wishing to stand for the role with the APComm October Bulletin. However, we wanted to ensure that members had plenty of time to consider whether they wished to stand, and to find out more about the role.

In the meantime, we know there will be questions for those considering standing for the role. If you are interested in standing for the role of Co-Chair, or even just considering it, we will be hosting an Insight Surgery where you will have the opportunity to chat informally with the two current Co Chairs about what the role entails, without any commitment. Details of a date and time for this will follow soon.

The roles of APComm Vice Chairs will become available for election in late 2022. The posts of Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the executive committee.

Elections did not take in 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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