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Recognition Awards 2023

The Association of Police Communicators (APComm) is committed to recognising and encouraging exemplary work and excellence in performance.

At the APComm Academy 2023, we will be hosting the APComm Recognition Awards 2023. We want you or your team to have that moment in the limelight and this is your opportunity to make that happen!

It could have been how your team responded to a major incident, or a plan that had positive behavioural influence, or even an innovative contribution to a national or organisational challenge but, whatever it is, we think it deserves recognition and reward from your peers. These awards recognise the work done to help shape the communications landscape and celebrate where that work has helped to deliver policing priorities.

Nominations for the APComm Recognition Awards 2023 opened on Monday 12 July and closed on Sunday 13 August 2023.

People nominating communications staff or teams from policing organisations must complete the nomination form at the bottom of this webpage, providing background for why the excellence they are nominating should be recognised.

Nominators can include other policing communicators, Chief Officers, PCCs, partners and outside organisations - and nominees must be members, via their organisation, of APComm in order to be eligible to be nominated.

All members of APComm can nominate either themselves or others for these awards.

Nominations need to meet a category criteria. They will be assessed by a panel of judges and the winners will be announced on Wednesday 29 November during an awards ceremony at the APComm Academy 2023.

Any nomination should be for work which has taken place over the last 12 months (April 2022 – April 2023):

The categories for this year’s awards are as follows:

  • ISSUES, CRISIS OR PUBLIC CONFIDENCE - This award is for an individual or team who has effectively managed an issue, crisis or threat to public trust and confidence in policing.
  • INNOVATIVE USE OF MEDIA PLATFORMS – This award is for an individual or team who has used different media platforms to capture the public’s imagination and support operational policing priorities and objectives.
  • CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR - This award is for an individual or team who has delivered a campaign with great results, aligned to an organisational initiative/priority. The campaign could be either external or internal focused and can be paid for or cost neutral.
  • INSPIRATIONAL LEADER – This award is for an individual who has made a real difference in a leadership role and has outstanding leadership skills.
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVE – This award is for an individual or a team who has implemented a creative new way of communicating with the workforce.
  • WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP – This award is for an individual or team who has worked in partnership (this could be with another force, a partner agency, a PCC team, or an agency) to deliver a successful communications campaign/initiative, whether internal, external or online.
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – This award is for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to police communications throughout their career.

Further to the closing date, nominations will be reviewed the APComm Executive, supported by a panel of strategic experts from Policing or Communications organisations.